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Mind the Gap Please!

Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution by Creating a Culture That Will Ensure Strategy Success

Strategic Planning is crucial to the success of any organization – small and large. These plans are often created over days and weeks and often with many people involved. A lot is invested in this critical tool. The trouble is that most of these plans fail – as many as 45%.

Mind The Gap Please! Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Execution addresses the seven specific reasons companies lose focus on their Strategic Plan and will help you pinpoint the exact reason (or reasons) your company is stuck. By the end of the session you will have the first clear steps to creating the results you need.

This interactive and hands-on session will address 4 key areas:

  • Learn what successful organizations do to set themselves up for strategy execution success
  • Discover where the gaps are in your organization between strategy and execution
  • Take part in a planning session on what to do about those gaps.
  • Help set goals for the organization going forward

This keynote presentation will provide:

  • An in-depth look at why most strategic plans fail – across your industry and elsewhere.
  • An opportunity to evaluate your own internal strategy execution practices and identify major gaps in your execution culture
  • An interactive mini-workshop to set action steps addressing identified critical gaps

The best audience for this speech is any part of your leadership or management team. Everyone needs to understand how to make the connection to the strategic plan for the people who work fore them. That is the critical connection. This is not just a C-Suite issue.
If they manage a team of developers, or engineers or product managers or anyone with a stake in the health of your organization, they are a good audience for this.

This is a keynote presentation that typically contains:

  • An overview of the 7 Elements of Strategy Execution as described in our book
  • An interactive session that engages to the audience with remote feedback technology to gauge the level of understanding of the audience and the ‘connectiveness to the plan’ of the audience.
  • A breakout session to discuss real issues within the organization’s execution culture as identified above

The session can run 45-90 minutes and will be customized to your organization’s strategic goals and leadership development plans.

“I couldn’t have asked for a more engaged and engaging public speaker to give the opening keynote presentation at my most recent summit.”

Summits Portfolio Manager, WTG Events


Leaders need to be many things to many people but so often we lose sight of the real goals and mission.

Leaders need to be many things to many people but so often we lose sight of the real goals and mission.

  • Are we delivering on our plan?
  • Are we doing what we told our major stakeholders we would do?
  • Are we staying focused on the strategic plan we set in place months or years ago?

Unfortunately, the answer to most of this is no. With so much going on, with such rapid change charging at us continuously, and with so many balls in the air, it is easy to lose focus.

This session is a hands-on, interactive look at what’s really going on in your own organization – asking the critical question, what is holding us back from successful execution and ultimately offering up ideas on how we can fix the problem.

As he does for all of his engagements, David Barrett uses real-time, audience-response tools to gauge the issues at hand and set a specific agenda for the session.

“Execution is not just something that does or doesn’t get done. Execution is a culture with specific set of behaviors and techniques that companies need to master in order to have competitive advantage.” Ram Charan

David uses real-time, audience-response tools to gauge the issues at hand and to set a specific agenda for this interactive session. You may pre-set the agenda or let the cards fall where they will – but in the end you are guaranteed to come away with a set of action items and steps to take to address key issues within your strategy execution culture.

Once the keynote session has set the ground work for your group, this extra time will provide the deep-dive required for a topic like this – but customized to YOUR organization’s key objectives and culture.

You will come away with:

  • A solid understanding of the state of your strategy execution culture and engine
  • A new-found knowledge of why strategy plans fail and which of the many reasons are relevant in your environment
  • A set of action items that will help your organization move to an execution culture that can deliver on a strategy

Is Your Strategic Plan Failing?

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